Camp Gan Israel at Chestnut Hill Presents



This summer, Camp Gan Israel is traveling to the kingdom of Arendelle with our production of Frozen! This beloved production follows two sisters– along with their human, troll, and snowman friends– as they learn how to be true to themselves and connect with others. Featuring iconic songs like “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, this show is sure to be worth melting for.


Theater will be an elective program at Camp. All campers will be required to choose one of the following options:

  1. Intensive Cohort

  2. Ensemble Cohort

  3. Non Production Cohort


Intensive Cohort:


  1. Must be registered for a minimum of 5 weeks, including the 6th week of camp. 

  2. Campers entering 2nd grade and above. 

Intensive Cohort campers will:

  • Be assigned individual speaking roles and will be asked to sing as a soloist or in small groups. 

  • Hone their performance skills and gain confidence telling a story through dialogue and movement. 

  • Be required to submit an audition video with a singing and speaking sample. 

  • Participate in 3 - 45 minute theater sessions a week


Ensemble Cohort:


  1. Must be registered for a minimum of 4 weeks, including the 6th week of camp. 

  2. Campers entering 1st  grade and above

Ensemble Cohort campers will:

  • Will be divided by age and learn the music and choreography for the opening, the finale, and one featured song (essentially function as Bunk Ensembles did in 2023)

  • Cover the basics of theater terminology and techniques during our time together

  • These students will not have lines or solos.

  • Participate in 1 - 2 - 45 minute theater sessions a week


Non Production Cohort:

Non Production Cohort campers will:

  • Enjoy alternate camp activities

  • Not participate in any part of the Frozen production 



We will open the audition portal on June 1st. This portal will include instructions for submitting auditions, as well as some resources for how to prepare and film the audition.  Participants will have until June 16th at 11:59 PM to submit their audition content, which will consist of the following:


  1. Responses to a brief questionnaire, including clarification on whether the participant intends to participate at the Intensive or Ensemble level.

  2. A video of them singing a selection of a song provided by Abby

  3. A video of them introducing themselves and performing a brief scene from the play


Everyone who submits an audition will be assigned a role in the production. Siblings who are interested in participating are welcome to submit a video together, but hearing each person sing individually is required.


Camp Theater Director

Abby Lass is a Newton native and lifelong theater maker. Abby has an extensive theatrical background— over the span of almost two decades, she has been involved in over 50 productions as an actor, director, designer, choreographer, intimacy coordinator, dramaturg, and producer. She has studied dance, movement, musical theater, story-sharing, viewpoints, and Shakespearean verse at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Boston Children’s Theater, and Vassar College (where she received her undergraduate degree in Drama). She has served as the Director of Education for Newton Theatre Kids, a Facilitator with Poughkeepsie Youth Theater, and a freelance arts educator for students ages 6-86. Currently, Abby is a Teaching at Rehearsal for Life. She has also conducted research into the psychological benefits of theater education for adolescents. Abby loves working with young artists of all experience levels and firmly believes in the importance of cultivating confidence and community through theater.