Mini Gan campers have on-site water play every day at camp.

Upper Gan Campers are bused off-site three times a week to go swimming. All swimming is supervised by certified lifeguards. On Mondays and Fridays we will swim indoors at the Dedham Pool. Every Monday, campers will be evaluated by the lifeguards at Dedham Pool to assess swim level. During our swim time the pool is rented out to just us. Our staff is required to swim with campers as an added safety measure. 

Every Tuesday campers enjoy "the beach" at Houghton's Pond. 

As per State law called "Christian's Law"; All "non swimmers" need to purchase & wear a type 3 coast guard approved personal floatation device. "Non-Swimmers" are classified as those who do not meet criteria for a Red Cross Level 3 swim rating - which is: Jump into deep water from the side, swim front crawl for 15 yards, maintain position by treading or floating for 30 seconds and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.   

Parents will need to provide, purchase, or rent from camp a type 3 coast guard approved personal floatation device, such as  this to be used at Houghton's Pond.


In an effort to use the time at camp most efficiently, we are encouraging  you to send your children in their bathing suits daily. We strongly recommend 2 piece bathing suits for the girls. Please make sure to include a full change of clothing (with underwear) in your child's backpack for after water/swim time.

On pool & pond days we go of-site in bathing suits, water shoes & with our towels. We get changed back at camp. 

Please note- on Tuesdays & Wednesdays campers wear their camp t shirts in the pond and on the field trips at all times- please pack an additional dry shirt for them to change back into. 

Here is a reminder of the weekly water/swim schedule

Monday- Swimming at Dedham Pool
Tuesday- Swimming at Houghtons Pond- Floaties required for non level 3 swimmers
Wednesday- Field Trip- may include water
Thursday-Water Slides at Camp
Friday-Swimming at Dedham Pool 

Camp will have approved life vests available for purchase at the camp open house on June 26. Parents will also have the option to rent an approved life vest from camp. We ask that families put down a $25 deposit per life jacket. At the end of the summer, when you return it, we will reimburse you half of your deposit. 

On Thursdays, campers will enjoy on-site water activities.