We are proud to be partnering with Knucklebones who will provide weekly athletic activities that include:

  • Ninja Warrior: Knucklebones Ninja is a blend of strength, skill, flexibility, fitness and fun. 

  • Athletic Games (other names: Wacky Games, Gym Heroes, etc):  Using an array of high quality, unique equipment, we’ll play outside the box games for all to enjoy. Capture the Flag meets giant six-foot inflatable tube, welcome to Powerball! 

  • Spectacular Sports: Spectacular Sports focuses on developing participants' fundamentals and understanding of various sports.  

  • Physical Challenge: Curating the perfect mix of activities from shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Double Dare and Minute to Win It, this class focuses on wild, outside the box, physical activities. 

  • Survivor Challenges: Manipulating various challenges, participants will work to outwit, outplay and outlast through mental, physical and creative tasks. 

  • Amazing Race Challenge: Teams must traverse a course while stopping at various pit stops to accomplish challenges and stunts.  

  • Color War: Divided into teams, each assigned a color, they must compete in various group and team activities. 

  • Cross-Curricular Game Play: Utilizing athletically inspired activities and games, participants will be engaged in a program of creative play that teaches aspects of art, math, nature, science, and social studies.