All the essentials you should pack in your backpack for camp each day!

General Camp Reminders Summer 2024

  • Label everything!!! This helps minimize lost and found items and remember to label your child’s camp t-shirt.

  • A camp water bottles will be kept at camp during the week and sent home to be cleaned over the weekend.  Be sure to send it with your child on Monday morning. 

  • Lunch and 2 snacks. 

  • Campers can leave their water vests in their locker at camp. Please remember to label it and ask their counselor to leave it in their locker.

  • Please send Tzedaka coins for your child to give at camp every morning.

  • Mini Gan Campers are encouraged to bring Mitzvah Notes to be read at camp.


What your child needs daily:

  • Extra full change of clothes in separate bag to be left in camp locker
  • Campers need to wear a camp t-shirt & sneakers/closed toe shoes daily.
  • On Tuesday’s campers do not need a camp t-shirt- we encourage them to participate in the Camp Dress Up theme of the day.  We will give additional accessories to all camper to add to the camp spirit- See list below
    • Tuesday June 25 – Neon Day
    • Tuesday July 2- Usa Day
    • Tuesday July 9- Crazy Hair, Hat & Sock Day
    • Tuesday July 16 – Sport Spirit Day
    • Tuesday July 23 – Pajama Day
    • Tuesday July 30 – Israel Day
  • Campers need their swim stuff most days- as we swim off site every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We do water activities on-site every Tuesday.  Some Thursdays, the field trip includes water.
    • Swimsuit
    • Towel
    • Water shoes - only for swimming
    • Plastic bag for wet swimsuits
    • Goggles (if desired)
    • Dry T-shirt to change into after swimming
    • Change of underwear
    • Swim Vest when applicable
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunscreen applied and in backpack
  • Coins for Tzedakah*
  • Packed lunch & 2 snacks

*Tzedaka at Camp

As a camp we encourage the kids to bring a coin daily to give to Tzedaka – Charity. At the end of the summer
all the campers will vote on a Charity of choice to receive all the money. Teaching our children to be givers is a
strong Jewish value & a big Mitzvah.


Swimming At Morse Pond

Camp swims at morse pond. For safety reasons campers wear their dri-fit neon colored camp t-shirt in the water & will change into a (non-camp) dry shirt when they return to camp. Please refer to the “what does my camper need daily” to ensure your child has everything they need at camp.  Campers travel to and from the pond ready for swim:

  • Wearing bathing suit
  • Wearing camp t-shirt
  • Wearing water shoes
  • Sunscreen applied
  • Beach towel
  • Life vests *if applicable
  • We bring their water bottles


  • Lifeguards are at the pond during swim time.
  • Counselors are required to swim with campers & to actively be on “lifeguard” duty
  • Christian’s law- as per the state law called 'christian's law', all 'non-swimmers' need to purchase and wear a type 3 us coast guard approved personal floatation device while at morse pond. Parents will need to provide an approved personal floatation device.  You can check the label to ensure it is a type 3 coast guard approved. Many puddle jumpers are approved.

*campers who want to swim without a flotation device must pass a lifeguard administered slide test, on their first Monday of camp.

Red cross level 3 swim test requirements:

  • Jump into deep water from the side
  • Swim front crawl or elementary backstroke for 25 yards
  • Maintain position by treading or floating for 30 seconds

‘non-swimmer’ campers, who do not have a flotation device cannot enter the water at Morse pond. There is a beach front area & playground in addition to the pond.  As per State law called Christian's Law: All "non swimmers" need to purchase & wear a type 3 coast guard approved personal floatation device to enter the water. "Non-Swimmers" are classified as those who do not meet criteria for a
Red Cross Level 3 swim rating listed above.


When To Send Your Child In Their Bathing Suit

Morning swim groups come in their bathing suits. However, all campers must wear athletic shoes when they arrive at camp. They will change into their water shoes just before they get onto the bus. 
Afternoon swim groups will change into bathing suits at camp. 

Mondays & Wednesdays:   all campers go swimming in the morning except for explorers 1, explorers 2, trailblazers 1 & trailblazers 2.
Tuesdays: there is time for everyone to change for the on-site water activities at camp.
Fridays:   all campers go swimming in the morning except  all pioneers & vikings 3



T-Shirts, Shoes, Water & Sunscreen At Camp

New Camp T-Shirt Policy - each camper receives 3 camp t-shirts. T-shirts are neon & a dri-fit material. General gan campers wear neon green shirts & pioneers wear neon orange shirts. * campers are required to wear this year’s camp t-shirt every day, except tuesdays* .  For safety reasons, camp t-shirts are worn at all times, including when swimming. (campers can change into a regular t-shirt after swim) 
*please see tuesday dress up schedule below.

Shoes - campers are required to wear sneakers/closed toe shoes daily.

Water - camp gives each camper a water bottle on their first day of camp. - we will label the water bottle & keep it at camp. It is refilled multiple times a day & carried to all activities in a rolling cart.

Sunscreen - parents are required to apply sunscreen every morning and to send sunscreen to camp for your child. We will reapply sunscreen after lunch.