Tipping Guidelines

We trust your campers are having an amazing summer! 

As with all camps, we can only deliver quality programming with quality staff and this year's complement of teachers, counselors and junior counselors are really phenomenal. Our camp staff are some local and some flown in from South Africa , Israel , California & Florida. 

They are enthusiastic, motivated and committed to making your children's summer experience a memorable one. These young women & men are doing an exceptional job and your children are reaping the benefits of their hard work. To this end, it would be a welcomed gesture to show them your appreciation at the end of your child's camp session. 

This is not mandatory but many have been tipping the counselors in order to show their appreciation to their child's counselors. Suggested tipping guidelines are between $20-$40 per staff member. I know they will appreciate the gesture. There is no amount too small or too large and even a note to say thank you goes a long way. If your child's session has ended and you'd like to thank their counselor, you can stop by camp to see them. 

Yellow Ducks
Morah Sarah
Morah Julia

Red Hearts
Morah Mary
Moreh Yoni

Blue Stars
Morah Courtney
Morah Rosie

Explorers 1- Alef Adventurers
Tanni Cohen 
Lexi Brown

Explorers 2 - Bet Builders
Mushky Weiner
Dasha CIT (for a few weeks) 

Explorers 3 Gimmel Go Getters
Rena Druin
Lielle Cohen weeks 1-3
Aliza Gopen weeks 4-6

Explorers 4 Daled Discoverers
Ella Levine
Menashe  Trachtenberg CIT (Weeks 1-3)
Adina CIT (Weeks 4-6)

Trailblazer 1- Hey Hikers
Sara Harlig

Trailblazer 2 - Vav Vikings
Na'ama Gralnik
Sammy Sternberg

Trailblazer 3- Zayin Zealots
Chanchie Schapiro
Menashe  Trachtenberg CIT (Weeks 1-3)

Trailblazer 4- Chet Chaverim
Ariella Butel

Pioneer 1- Tet Trekkers
Mimi Ravnoy 
Ben Drory CIT

Pioneer 2- Yud Yeladot
Sheva Ash
Gabi Dubovsky CIT