Campers in all divisions receive delicious and nutritious catered lunch and snacks. 

Lunch Program

We are committed to offering the convenience of serving lunch and snacks at camp. All Camp Gan lunches are catered and kid friendly. In addition to the main dish, we offer plain pasta, whole grain bread, soy butter and jelly, fresh fruit, and veggies. 

Water coolers are placed at central locations around the campsite for campers to refill their water bottles.

All lunches and snacks are nut-free. Please let us know if your child has food allergies and we will work with you to accommodate their needs.

Lunch Menu:
Monday: Mac and cheese, sliced vegetables
Tuesday: Pizza, sliced vegetables
Wednesday: Mini Bagels, cheese or sunbutter & jelly options, sliced vegetables
Thursday: Hot Dogs, sliced vegetables
Friday: Pizza, sliced vegetables