• On Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays campers bring a packed dairy or parve lunch in addition to a morning & afternoon snack. 

  • On Lunch days please remember to still back morning & afternoon snacks for your child. 

Every Tuesday & Friday all campers will enjoy hot lunch  at camp. On Tuesday CGI will serve Pizza & Sides and on Fridays BBQ. LUNCHES KIDS LOVE Our menu includes food kids love! Most parents and kids think prepared healthy hot lunches as a really special treat. HEALTHY FOR YOUR CHILD Our menu is 100% nut-free. Fresh fruits and vegetables are included with every meal. All food is kosher and cholov yisroel cheese. GREAT EVERYDAY VALUE Our lunches are for everybody. B'tyavon, Bon Apetit

We are a nut-sensitive camp. Everything we serve & cook at camp is 100% NUT FREE. Campers may bring nut products to camp, if there is a child with a nut aallergy in their group, the camper with the nut product will eat separately from the nut allergy camper.